Massage Therapy

Massage therapy is an excellent way to get grounded into the present moment and slow the mind down.  Once quiet and connected to one place, you start to feel “yourself”.  Let go.  Make a little time to step off of the endless wheel of motion, of expectation and stress.

Appointments are available at the following locations:

Gleason YMCA in Wareham, (You do NOT need to be a member!  Just walk-in or call for an appointment)

431 Brownell Ave. New Bedford (near Buttonwood Park, on the corner of Brownell Ave and Exeter), in the office of Dr. Kristen Morgan, Morgan Chiropractic

or in Your Home ($25 travel fee added to treatment fee; within 20 mile radius)


Hypnosis is misunderstood and often portrayed as “magic” in public media.   In fact, you are in a hypnotic state numerous times each day, repeating patterns and habits mindlessly.  We put food in our mouths when we’re not hungry, light up a cigarette when we don’t enjoy it, do the same workout every day without assessing what our bodies really need.  We catch ourselves and frustrated think, “Ughhh! I hate this!”  Resisting bad habits is a poor way to break bad habits.  It almost never works.

Willpower can work short term, but long term change requires desire, a commitment, and a “push”.  The best way to lose habits that your brain has learned is To Learn New Patterns\ To Learn New Habits that replace the old ones.  In the same way the a song gets “stuck” in your head (what was in your head before that song?), you simply need a new direction.  Some people can change easily and other require more reinforcement.  It depends on how old or how strong these habits have patterned into your mind.

If you would like to explore this method of changing your thought process, our first meeting will include up to a 30 minute conversation about what you’d like to change, followed by a hypnosis session.  This first meeting will often last up to 90 minutes.




“There is only one relevant question:  Who am I?  Everything else is just a distraction.”  -Swami Shivananda

Yoga is an ancient practice that cannot be simplified into a sentence, a paragraph, or a book.  Yoga is something that needs to be experienced; each person’s path is unique.  Yoga is not the poses.  Yoga doesn’t require you to change religions or believe in anything new.

The only place you need to be flexible is between your ears.  Saying that you’re not flexible enough to do yoga is like saying you’re too dirty to take a bath.  I lead group classes at Yoga on Union in New Bedford Sunday mornings at 9amand Tuesdays at 9am.

Private lessons are available and can be tailored to your specific needs and interests.