Massage Therapy

It's the rare person who doesn't enjoy a massage. Hands on muscles are relaxing for both mind and body. There is something inherently healing in one person caring for another so personally. But not all massages are alike. Many massage school graduates are versed only in the minimal routines that a client might want for a pleasant experience. However the world of massage therapy is broad. Jon's deep background in anatomy and his continuing studies in specialty techniques for using massage as a corrective tool for bodies in pain make him exceptionally qualified to help clients find an excellent way to heal.
First Jon tends to follow how muscles connect throughout the presentation of a healthy body to track down the complete picture of why you might be in pain. He does more than rub a simple knot. He discovers all of the connections that lead to a body's problems such as knots, stiffness, joint pain, and general misalignments. Clients with problems they thought were permanent have found relief. Even clients with genuinely permanent problems can be helped by Jon's ability to analyse how their bodies are compensating in unhealthy ways to a source of pain or weakness.
Jon understands that our entire bodies are wrapped in a sheath of material known as fascia which, when immobilized by pain, can keep muscles from responding to stretching. Slowly releasing fascia lets our bodies become fluid. In face down to the molecular level we are fluid. Jon restores fluidity, function, and comfort by helping our bodies become "unstuck." We can move more naturally again and be freed of pain.
For an excellent and effective massage, see Jon. But don't be surprised to discover how much more than a temporarily pleasurable experience he can give you through understanding anatomy and knowing how to heal it.
Using Jon's talents with hypnosis can make your massage experience even more profound by helping to align peaceful thoughts with your bodily relaxation. Using Jon's yoga wisdom with massage can bring to your bodywork with him unusually effective stretches that unwind your long muscle tension. If you want to understand all of the science behind what he chooses to do with your massage time with him, Jon can tell you exactly what he is looking for in your body and why. He can also offer homework so that you achieve optimal results. 

Appointments are available at the following locations:

Gleason YMCA in Wareham, (You do NOT need to be a member!  Just walk-in or call for an appointment)

431 Brownell Ave. New Bedford (near Buttonwood Park, on the corner of Brownell Ave and Exeter), in the office of Dr. Kristen Morgan, Morgan Chiropractic

or in Your Home ($25 travel fee added to treatment fee; within 20 mile radius)


Hypnosis is not about clucking like a chicken on stage during a Las Vegas act but not remembering it later. It is a deep state of relaxation that opens your mind to suggestions, but never unwillingly. Few have experienced the full potential of hypnosis because it falsely associated with comedic entertainment instead of a powerful method for relaxation. Today we refer to methods of guided meditation and as "mindfulness." Both mindfulness and hypothesis are method for changing our inner states. They can help anyone break long held unwanted habits, behaviors, or mindsets.

Hypnosis is a natural state of mind. We often go in and out of it during repetitive tasks: cleaning, yard work, eating, bathing, daydreaming. Jon helps you access hypnotic states to support your personal goals. As Americans we are very attached to the idea that willpower is our key to success for almost anything. However willpower seldom works for our most deeply ingrained habits. Perhaps you smoke, or overeat, or experience high anxiety. Perhaps you can't shake shyness or lack of confidence. Why do you keep choosing undesirable partners to date? Do early negative experiences still prevent you from positive actions today?

Our brains get stuck in patterns that they no longer need. Simple guided hypnosis lets us see those for what they are and set them aside in favor of new and more satisfying habits. Mostpeople think they can just eliminate a "bad" habit but truthfully our brains want that habit for areason. Old habits need to be replaced with new ones, healthier ones.

If you would like to explore this method of changing your thought processes, Jon's first meeting with you will include up to a 30 minute conversation about what you’d like to change, followed by a hypnosis session.  This first meeting will often last up to 90 minutes. It's a deeply peaceful and satisfying experience. Let Jon help you find out where you might be stuck in the change process. Don't give up on your dreams and desires for a more fulfilling lifestyle before tryinghypnosis! Although this practice has been around for centuries, biofeedback and brain science are uncovering now why it is so powerful.



Most people think yoga is about achieving flexibility and strength through a series of poses. Yes, it does that for people of all ages, abilities, and levels of fitness. But yoga is an ancient practice of both mind and body. Furthermore yoga encompasses many different kinds of techniques suited for individual goals. It cleanses the mind and body. Some people feel while practicing it that they come closer to something spiritual and centered on their own inner state. Others feel a sense of community and shared group energy.

Yoga doesn’t require you to change religions or believe in anything new. It is a journey of mind and body discovery. Unlike many fitness options that are fast paced or focus on building isolated muscle groups one at a time, yoga has a flow that engages large parts of your body in stretching and strengthening. Many find that this practice releases habits of tension that may have been causing their bodies to clench up for a lifetime. Yoga can be very emotionally healing as we realign and relearn healthy breathing. Our American race to achieve often means we breathe shallowly or even hold our breath. This deprives us of oxygen and leaves us full of the carbon dioxide we should be exhaling. Just learning the mental quiet discipline and rhythmic breathing of yoga is a huge step forward in healthy living.

Saying that you’re not flexible enough to do yoga is like saying you’re too dirty to take a bath.  Even those recovering from accidents, those who are overweight, those who are elderly, and those who have other physical limitations can benefit. Good teachers modify suggested class poses to suit individual needs. Jon offers individual consultations and clasess. He can interact with your doctors or physical therapists for a better understanding of your goals and limitations. Jon regularly leads group classes at Yoga on Union in New Bedford Sunday mornings at 9am.